Items available to view & purchase in our Special Exhibit Gallery from August 3rd  through August 27th. 

Items will be available to view & purchase online from August 23rd through September 30th here.

Ann Gonzalez is a local photographer who shoots a variety of subjects. She’s taken photography courses while studying for her history degree with Northeastern University and with the Visual Communications Program at Cecil College. Whether it’s capturing the beauty in decaying military housing or a family of geese on a local trail, her goal is to share with you the emotion she felt when she decided that moment was important enough to bring back to you.

Lauren LaBare has been in the tree care business with her husband, Mert, for over 20 years.  Lauren has a keen eye for beauty, and with that, she and her husband create beautiful and functional turned wood pieces.  Lauren is a member of the Chester County Craft Guild, a chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.  Several of her pieces have been donated and auctioned off to support local non-profits, and she continues to give her time and share her talent with them.  Lauren and her husband continue to create exquisite pieces in hopes of sharing a different type of beauty in trees.