1. Fill out and send the form

2. Pay the deposit

3. Once deposit is received, the form will be reviewed, and you will be contacted for scheduling and confirmation within 48 hours.

4. Workshops must have a minimum of 3 students, and all payments from at least 3 students must be received within 48 hours of scheduling confirmation for the workshop to run.

Build Your Own Workshop

Please use the form below to build your own workshop at The Palette & The Page. Once all fields have been filled out, and the form has been sent, please allow for 48 hours to pass before expecting a reply. A representative from The Palette & The Page will contact you for scheduling and deposit based on your selections, materials needed, and the availability of the instructor.

Criteria - Please read before sending form

  • Minimum of 3 Students
  • Deposit Required
    • Varies depending on if open or closed; if open, not put on shcedule under (3) participants have paid for workshop; if closed, space not reserved until (3) participants have paid for workshop.
      • Scheduling individual can pay for 1st  3 participants and then it will be scheduled or can arrange for other participants to make payment.
      • However, workshop is not scheduled until payment for all 3 participants in received, no exceptions, no refunds.
    • First 3 are non-refundable.
  • Closed or Open – up to person scheduling workshop
  • Contract Signed
    • Has to be 1 person responsible for the event
    • Must have all contact information for this person
    • Must be received in order for event to be scheduled
  • Choice of 3 dates, in order of preference
  • Workshops listed in “build your own” section with instructor options and prices; as well as any other available options for that workshop
    • Possible arngemtn with Central Tavern for appetizers
    • Possible arrangement with Spork for pastries and cakes/cookies upon reuqest
  • Bring your own – wine or beer (no mixed drinks)
    • Limit of 2 servings per person
    • Must open your own
  • All supplies must be included in the fee
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