Catherine Houghton - The Palette & The Page

Catherine Houghton has always been both a scientist and artist. After a fulfilling career as a science/STEM educator, Catherine  is now enjoying  time to pursue her many artistic interests.  Her most recent passion involves creating with alcohol inks on a variety of surfaces including yupo, metal, fabrics and glass. She delights in the unpredictable ways the inks move and merge to create vibrant colors and patterns. In working with this medium, Catherine perceives it as a metaphor for life.  The creator may have an idea or plan, but as the inks “do their own thing,” the final product may be quite different than what was initially envisioned.

In addition to creating artwork, Catherine loves sharing the process and teaching others—especially those who do not believe they have creative talent. Her new business, “Go with the Flow Art,” offers  opportunities to create art at girls’ night out events, children’s parties  and creative corporate  retreats. Students in Catherine’s classes do not duplicate; they originate.

Catherine also enjoys photography,  glasswork, pastels, and mixed media.  A common theme in all of her work is appreciation of nature.  Catherine creates in her cottage in North East, Maryland where she lives with her dog trainer husband and puppy Piper.

Read Catherine’s book about Piper titled “Piper, No!”  HERE 🙂


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