Christine Burke is an Artist, Author, Health Coach and owner of Live Your Creativity, a company created to help people use creativity to heal, express themselves and have fun. She finds pure happiness in helping others tap into her creativity and believes creativity is our birthright. A former elementary and special education teacher, she has spent 30 years educating people on various subjects such as reading, writing, health and art.

Christine is author and illustrator of A Dream Inside, a children’s book about the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly. She has a story published in Chicken Soup for the Soul – Reboot Your Life and she recently published a book titled The Well-Nourished Artist: 8 Ways to Feed Your Creative Soul. Christine loves nature and trees and is currently working on a second children’s book called Windy and the Witness Tree.

The Well-Nourished Artist: 8 Ways to Feed Your Creative Soul

You don’t have to starve to be an artist! Do you put too much on your plate (both physically and literally) and starve your creative soul? Do you put your creative dream off to someday in the future? The Well-Nourished Artist will take you on a creative journey to your inner art spirit. You will be presented with 8 ways that will help you live a bold and creative life. This book dispels the myth that only some of us are creative. Creativity is our birthright and something that flows through us naturally when we learn to let go and listen to our intuition. This book includes guided meditations, stories and activities to help you integrate the 8 steps, tips for self-care, beauty recipes, healthy gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, weekly meal plan guides and an easy 10-step paint lesson for you to create your own masterpiece. Let the creative journey begin!

A Dream Inside

A Dream Inside is a children’s book about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. Intertwined with the metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly and their amazing journey to Mexico is the lesson that we all come here with a purpose or a dream inside us. Come along on this magical journey and meet Molly and Bella, two lovable caterpillars who become friends when they pop out of their eggs.​ A Dream Inside is a book that can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. It is a book that will stir the dreams in the children who are reading or listening to it and it will also touch the hearts of the adults and perhaps ignite the dreams that are inside of them.