Christopher Malone - Author - The Palette & The Page

Christopher L. Malone is a writer, musician, teacher, and life-long resident of Cecil County.  His stories span nearly every genre, and his short works have been featured in Crimson Streets Magazine, The Dark City Crime and Mystery Magazine, and The Literary Hatchet.  His first novel, Hangdog, was released in October of 2017.  His second novel, Harold in the Name of Love, was released in early 2019.  He is currently working on his next book.


Hangdog centers around a young man named Jimi. He’s an aimless twenty-something going through the motions of his early adult life, contenting himself with a blue collar job that allows him enough money to pay the rent and occasionally go out to the bars. With this night life, he looks for potential one-night stands, knowing he’ll sabotage things the morning after with them so that he can reject them and move on, single and guiltless. Indeed, he’s done this often enough to develop a reputation amongst some people for being a womanizer. When he meets a motivated young woman named Stefania Rosa, however, he’s inspired to rethink his stance on relationships, but finds it’s going to be a difficult process when that reputation comes up to complicate things in an unexpected way. If Jimi is going to hold on to the hope of a relationship with Stefania, he’ll need to figure out how to become a better man, and quickly.

Harold in the Name of Love

This is the story of Harold Dancy, a widower still hopelessly in love with his late wife, Nancy, and hopelessly along without her. Desperate to be with her again, Harold goes to extreme lengths to be reunited with her once more, until the night he swears he sees her ghost intervene to save him from death. With a new lease on life and the help of his friend, former rock star Damon Alton, Harold attempts to move on, believing that Nancy would want him to do so. But does he really know how Nancy felt about him when she was alive? Why do strange things keep occurring when he tries to move on with a new woman, and does Damon know more about Nancy than he’s letting on? What follows is the exploration of a broken marriage, told through the lens of a ghost story.