Gwen Davis - The Palette & The Page

Gwen Davis is a writer eager to tell a story.  She was born in New Jersey, raised in Delaware, and finally settled in Maryland.  She has worked as a children’s librarian, story-teller, and is now retired after 31 years from the University of Delaware.  She and her husband live in Rising Sun and have two grown children and six grandchildren.

The Engagement – Book One in the Manchester Series

Share with Maggie and her very sensible friend Kath the peace that comes from a bit of common sense and trusting in God’s plan. Open your heart to all the new people who come into their lives.

Join Maggie, Liam, Mike, Cecilia, Matty, Emily, and even the Franklins as they search for love and happiness, sometimes for the wrong reasons and with the wrong people.

Laugh and cry with them as they experience all the joy, sadness, and ordinary events that happen in their lives. And perhaps learn along with them that some things are better when they’re not quite so perfect! 

Never Ready Eddie

This a story of a little guy who just didn’t do things as quickly as the others.  But he managed to do just the right thing when he was ready, which, as it turned out, was just the right time.

The Family – Book Two in the Manchester Series

This is a story of discovery.  Kath decides she really wants to know who her biological parents are despite being raised in a very loving family for all but two weeks of her life.  So get comfy and wish Kath a happy birthday, for that is where this story begins.

The Nativity – Book Three in the Manchester Series 

This story takes place in the little town of Colombo in the mountain region somewhere in West Virginia.  It is a poor and primitive area, but one where Gods love is very much at work giving hope to those who have drifted away or are just passing through.  Though youd never find it on a map, its a place you might just stumble across as you search for answers.