Jacinta Fontenelle was born in the beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia. A professional nurse for over forty years, she is now pursuing a career in writing and speaking while working as a clinical nurse instructor with the University of Delaware. She has been published in the Nursing magazineNursing2014, The Upper Room Devotional, and coauthored in a few titles such as, Short and Sweet Takes the Fifth. Her first book entitled, ’Contemporary Psalms; 365 Daily Reflections, was published in book and kindle form in 2019. Throughout the years writing remained a second love often expressed in poetry and short stories. Some of her interests include reading, needlework, and gardening. One of 13 children, she places great value on family as one of God’s greatest gift in her life and strives to cherish that special gift. A mother of three, she presently resides in the state of Delaware with her husband and two of her three children.

Contemporary Psalms, 365 Daily Reflections 

Often the hurried rush of time in our world causes us to miss the divine messages that surround us every day. This book of 365 thought-provoking poetic psalms, inspired and collected over a period of many years spent communing with God, offers daily encouragement to stop long enough in the busyness of life to see the peace and joy that can be yours in the midst of this chaotic world. 

This collection of contemporary poetry and prose offers readers renewed faith that God is bigger than any challenge they face in life, and that we are connected for a divine purpose – with our creator and each other. The author’s prayer is that this book, which embodies  some of the key lessons she has learned along her spiritual path, enriches your relationship with  your creator and the loved ones in your life,  helping you along your journey.