J.L. Jackola - The Palette & The Page

J. L. Jackola is a Delaware native and University of Delaware alum who discovered her passion for writing in grade school when she wrote a short story that earned her a spot in a local writing workshop. She’s been creating fantasy worlds ever since. Her debut novel, Ascension, Book One in her Unbound Prophecy series, was released September 2018 through Indie Gypsy Publishing. Descent, Book Two, was released in September 2019. When she’s not weaving tales, she can be found curled up with a good book, logging miles in her running shoes, or spending time with her husband and three children.



Ascension is the story of Violissa and Sinow, whose hearts are bound through an ancient prophecy written by the Fates. Head strong and free spirited, Violissa dares to push against the confines of the prophecy. Her decision causes a chain of events that not even the Fates themselves could have foreseen. As she and Sinow come to realize just how deeply the prophecy is woven through their hearts, they must fight betrayal, treason, and even one another to undo the damage she has caused before their world comes crumbling down around them.


Tynan’s curse has left Violissa trapped in another world, far from Sinow’s reach. With no memory of her past, she must fight the remains of the curse as it ravages her mind. To save her, Sinow will risk everything, leaving his throne vulnerable to his brother.

After biding his time in the Banished Realm, a vengeful Tynan seizes his chance to take what he feels is rightfully his. Left alone to defend the realms, the Councils find they are no match against Tynan’s twisted power. With the absence of their king and queen their magic weakens and the realms suffer.

As Sinow struggles to rescue Violissa, the prophecy veers further from its original path and the world he left behind may never be the same.