Joe Zurolo - The Palette & The Page

Joe Zurolo is a self-taught artist who started painting as an escape from the high stress career of a police officer. Joe strives to create colorful and unique pieces of contemporary art. He takes an intuitive approach. Joe is spontaneous and bold with his actions and choices. Through this approach, Joe creates colorful expressive paintings. 

He enjoys painting with acrylic on canvas. Joe’s style is all about colors, shapes and texture. His artistic style is infused with emotion, energy, and dynamic movement. Joe’s artwork is an emotional representation. He believes his art is not completed until someone observes and interprets the piece. Joe says, “The painting gets refinished every time someone views it.”

Joe Zurolo is a police officer by day, artist by night. Being a police officer and an artist you might think are two completely different paths, but art helps Joe find balance. Joe likes to produce and paint representations of the internal, an expression of emotion. He tries to be the one who cracks the shell to see what is inside.

“There’s what you see and then there is what’s beyond that.” Joe Zurolo

The very nature of what artists do means that the vast majority of their works are one of a kind pieces. Please visit us in the gallery to see pieces that are still available for purchase