John Cargill - The Palette & The Page

John Cargill started dabbling in woodworking in the late 1990’s while living in North Carolina, making picture frames and small furniture projects for himself, family and friends.  After falling in love with the hobby he quickly acquired a workshop full of tools and started challenging himself with larger projects like clocks, wine racks and tables. He has always been drawn to the natural beauty in wood and specialized in natural edge, rustic slab wood pieces before it was the trend.

After moving to Cecil County in 2006, John took a wood turning class at a local woodworking store and fell in love with the process. “It’s a form of active meditation for me. I can get lost in it for hours and the finished product is so rewarding! I’m always challenging myself with new techniques so my passion for the art is always burning.” John’s woodworking skill set is extremely diverse and includes everything from pens, bottle stoppers, bowls and platters to lamps, furniture and more.

John is always on the hunt for interesting and unusual pieces of wood and can often be found rummaging through someone else’s scrap pile. “I’m amazed at what other people will cast aside.  Where they see imperfection, I see the beauty that Mother Nature has created.  My gift is an ability to enhance that beauty.” When not in his workshop, John can be found spending time with his family and working to clean up the environment.