Judy Hotchkiss - The Palette & The Page

A native of Cecil County Maryland, Judy Hotchkiss fell in love with drawing at a very young age.  It was during this time she would sit for hours, sketching numerous pictures of ponies and horses from photos she found in the World Book Encyclopedia.

As an adult Judy developed a love and respect for watercolors.  Through many hours of mentoring from local artists she enthusiastically learned the art of painting watercolors.   The subject matter of Judy’s work varies, but with the common thread of using an array of colors which ultimately translate into a joyful and interesting experience for the viewer. It may be the portrait of a loved one or a floral scene from her backyard, Judy choses to paint subjects that “speak” to her in a familiar way.  Many of her paintings reflect on her love of nature and animals, such as trees, flowers and cats.   The result of this artistic connection is a creation of work that resonates from deep within.

Working out of her home studio in Newark, DE, Judy paints with energy and spontaneity.  Creating art is a passion she possesses that she will tell you connects her to her truest self.