Karen Leppert - Author - The Palette & The Page

Karen Leppert is a scrapbooking, music loving, game playing wife and mother who had a love story percolating in her brain for decades before the main characters threw a hissy fit and demanded she write it down. Her two-book romance, Then & Now and Always, is the result.

Two other main characters appeared soon after, and a paranormal romance trilogy was born. The first book in the series, reGUARDing GRACE, won the Bronze Medal in the 2013 Global Ebook Awards. It will be re-released in 2019 with its sequels in the trilogy to follow soon after.

Then & Now

​Seth Mathis races away from what his peers are running toward: college, a career, wife, family…the white picket fence lifestyle lived by most people in his quaint hometown.

But then he meets Sarah Matthews, who stops Seth dead in his tracks with her quick wit, intelligence, and charm.

Sarah and Seth embark on a thrilling ride called “first love” with its youthful passion and insecurities. Their dream of a lifetime together ends when they break-up amidst a scandal that forces Sarah to keep secrets from her friends and family; one of her own and another about Seth, the man who broke her heart.


A chance encounter six years later opens the door to reconciliation. As Seth and Sarah sift through the wreckage of what they once had, will they take a second chance at love or will they realize they were never meant for one another—both Then & Now?

Reguarding Grace

He’s loved her since she was born. 

She’s known him her entire life. 

But yet, they’ve never met. 

 Jack Elliott is a host to three alters that possess superhuman powers. As a Guardian, he integrates other hosts with their alters. Visions of his next assignment mesmerize and taunt him in ways no other has before. And when they finally meet, he realizes he may be her Guardian, but she holds his heart. 

Growing up in the foster care system, Grace Evans is no stranger to adversity. But unexplained blackouts, lapses in time, and now a new, mysterious transfer student has her on edge. There is more to Jack than meets the eye. Something is drawing her to him while something else is destroying her from within. 

Determined to protect her, Jack must fight what he is, what he needs, and what he wants. Will guarding Grace be worth it? 

Beyond Grace

Jack Elliott, an Amalgamate, is used to dealing with danger, but now it lurks within.  One of his alters disapproves of Jack’s forbidden romance with his latest assignment, Grace Evans.  And Jack relies on this alter for his superhuman strength – a gift he once treasured but is now used against him.  Fearing his breach of conduct and mutinous alter will result in excommunication by their kind is a spark that blooms into a raging fire. 

Grace’s clairvoyant alter, Clare, remains an innocent victim of her powers, unable to thwart who she channels, most of which crave evil.  If Grace cannot control her powers, she risks exposing their secret world to humans…a fate their fellow Amalgamates will not allow at any cost. 

Enemies taunt and threaten them at every turn, forcing Grace and Jack to admit the truth about their relationship – as well as the truth about Jack’s lack of control over his alter. 

Will these revelations destroy everything they’ve fought so hard to hold onto or can they gain the closure they so desperately need?