Karin Harrison - The Palette & The Page

Karin Harrison was born in Germany but has lived in the United States for over fifty years. Leaving her successful career in the optical field to go back to college, she focused on becoming a writer, and her short stories have since been published in books of anthology, literary journals, and on line. She has authored five novels, Hermann’s Ruhe, The Wrath of the North Star, The Tainted lens, Coffee and Peach Cake – A collection of short stories, and, The Secret Picture. 

Harrison lives in Bel Air, Maryland with her husband.

Coffee and Peach Cake – A Collection of Short Stories

A Missouri-born family journeys west to start a new life. A murderous jewel thief meets justice in Hawaii. A young couple takes a tragic hike on the arches of Utah. A West Virginia coal miner discovers a personal talent that brings him sudden fame. Henry VIII becomes bored with his sixth wife and makes plans to be rid of her. Henry II imprisons his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, trapping her inside a cold castle in Wales for sixteen years. 

This lively collection of short stories journeys across the world and through history to share diverse accounts of the human experience. Whether it’s married life in your seventies or losing touch with old friends, this collection depicts the quiet hardships faced in everyday life and the courage required to keep enduring them. Readers will empathize with and cheer for this colorful array of characters as they tread through tragedies and struggle for success. 

With a humorous and unique voice, Karin Harrison shares her personal insight on life in a way that will move and inspire its audience. She was inspired by the people and places that have woven together her own life, and the resulting compilation of narratives is relatable, charming, and timeless. 

Hermann’s Ruhe

With her husband away fighting a futile war Helen, her three children and her elderly parents struggle to survive every single day. The Nazi Regime is oppressive and brutal. As war rages on, food is scarce, and their stamina wavers.  

When their town faces its final battle, they escape to Hermann’s Ruhe, a small cottage in the hills surrounding the town of Wildenheim. Hermann’s Ruhe, a place of quietude, is their refuge. From their front porch, they watch in horror the relentless bombardment of their town until its surrender a week later. Hermann’s Ruhe is their sanctuary, but their safety is deceptive. They are forced to flee Hermann’s Ruhe running for their lives while being chased by bullets. At a nearby village, they find shelter in a schoolhouse already crammed with people. Barricaded and cut off from the world they spend eight days under the most primitive conditions until the final defeat of Wildenheim. Celebrating their freedom from fear and death, they soon discover that chaos accompanies the invasion by the allies. Each day presents new crises, but Helen vows she will do anything to keep her family alive, even resort to criminal activity as she robs an American warehouse with the help of her son and daughter.

The Secret Picture

Exploring the passenger quarters of the Canadian cruise ship S.S. Keewatin with her parents, beautiful, free-spirited Maria Amoss leaves the group of tourists and stays behind to check out the bridal suite, where she falls asleep. She is awakened by footsteps pounding the passageway, accompanied by loud voices. The tourists, including her parents, are gone. Horror seizes Maria when she learns she has been transported back in time to the year 1920, and finds herself amidst a hostile takeover by a notorious, elusive band of pirates, whose theft of a valuable painting has spawned the chilling chain of events. Confused and terrified, Maria fears for her life as she embarks on a thrilling adventure where she meets the handsome Sebastian, a man of many secrets. 

When her parents find her and she wakes, Maria wonders if she had been dreaming, but the future holds an amazing surprise that proves to be a clear connection to her adventure with the pirates. 

The Tainted Lens

This taut thriller by Karin Harrison flashes between the past and the present as a desperate man fights for his life and strives to discover the truth behind a violent act. Ever since his father died of a heart attack, Kyle Weldon has struggled, unable to understand how God could let such ruination happen to such a good man, to such a fine family. Despondent, he hides behind his camera lens and his dream of becoming a professional photojournalist.  Kyle pursues his passion through college and finally sets off for the Big Apple. Along the way, he meets friends, foes, and beautiful women—but his love life is hollow. Is someone out there for him, or is he destined to remain alone? Before Kyle can find the answer, a shocking crime tears him away from everything he’s ever known, and every minute becomes a struggle to survive as his life is slowly swallowed up by the darkness.  

The Tainted Lens will keep readers at the edge of their seats as piece by piece Kyle’s past links with the present in most unexpected ways—and as he turns for love and completion to someone he never would have imagined.

The Wrath of the North Star

This novel deals with several story lines. One of them is the sexual abuse of a young boy by Mark Shelby, a pedophile candidate for the priesthood, and how the boy’s family copes with this tragedy.  Another is the storyline of the seminarian Sean O’Leary, an unsuspecting friend and class mate of Mark’s who has befriended the family of the young boy. Sean is unaware of Mark’s problem and brings Mark him into their home.  The consequent series of events have a profound effect on Sean and he questions his ministry. The third story line delves into the past of the pedophile and the history of his mother, Sarah Shelby, a wealthy widow. When Sarah is confronted with her son’s disease, she must isolate him. She takes him to a monastery on a deserted island in the Aegean Sea.