Kevin I. J. A. Barnett, Sr. is a native of East Orange, New Jersey. An Army veteran, Kevin retired in 2008 after 20 years and tours of duty in Europe, Afghanistan and the U.S. Kevin earned a Master of Science degree in Information Management Technology with distinction.

Kevin is married to Sharon F. Pelham. He is the proud father of four sons: Kevin, Isaiah, Charles, Darrius, one daughter Patrice, and stepfather to Samantha.


“Living My Shadows, Dreams Do Come True” details the story of Kevin IJA Barnett, Sr’s journey through the foster care system, adoption as a preteen, Army career and the culmination of a lifelong dream: finding his biological parents and siblings and bringing both his families together.

​His story of abuse and mistreatment during his years in foster care, adoption by a wonderful and loving family. This book also details Kevin’s Army career, a late-in-life choice that taught him discipline and honed the patience he needed during his 20+ search for his birth family. Kevin’s experiences are a life lesson in the power of perseverance, patience and the belief that dreams do come true.


When Kevin completed writing Book One, “Living My Shadows: Dreams Do Come True”, he thought for certain he’d found closure. He’d tracked down his birth family. Kevin reunited with his birth mom, siblings, and his bloodline. He’d found the answers he had been seeking for more than 50 years, and that gave him a feeling of peace and serenity. But that peace and serenity only lasted a moment. Because closure is elusive. Two years later, the meaning of closure has changed for Kevin. His emotional need for closure has changed and he has found it’s hard to move on, to move forward, when “you’re still looking for answers, when you’re still haunted by the past, reliving old traumas, trying to bust down walls that have been built up all around you.”