LynnMarie Whitt is a jewelry artist who resides in Newark, DE with her husband and two children. LynnMarie was always enamored with jewelry of all kinds growing up and the gift of a rock tumbler from her grandfather only fueled that interest further. Twenty years later, on vacation with her husband in North Carolina, LynnMarie encountered a wire jewelry artist and immediately thought, “I can do that!”. Upon arriving home, she ordered her first rolls of bare copper wire from an electric supply company and went about the work of teaching herself how to create wire jewelry. Since then, LynnMarie has continued to refine and enhance her jewelry designs, finding inspiration in all things. Lampwork glass beads, natural stones, crystals, various types of pearls, millefiori beads, polymer clay, porcelain and terra cotta clay, and paste paper are just some of the materials she has used in her jewelry making; although she always returns to her first love, copper wire. In recent work, LynnMarie has been exploring the sculptural world of cold connection copper wire.  Entirely self-taught, LynnMarie frequently shares her knowledge and techniques in various local workshops and exhibits her work both regionally and nationally. 

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