A lifelong resident of Cecil County, Maggie Brumit is on a journey aspiring to help people deal with life and not just exist in the daily grind.  Outside of being an author, she is a Poet, Songwriter, Playwright and a spirited vlogger in her Mojo with Maggie Series.  She has two children, a husband, grandchild and many furry family members that know firsthand the random acts of Maggie!  

Her lighthearted ways make all who enter her path feel the joy she shares. The trials she has endured in this life have taught her to stay true to herself and teach others to find peace among this chaos called life.   She will inspire you to “Just Be You”, stay true to yourself and follow your purpose no matter what life brings your way. 

​She has been writing for many years and is excited to launch her first book “Life’s a Beach – SPF 15 Don’t Get Burned Out”.  There will be many more to follow.

Life’s a Beach – SPF 15 Don’t Get Burned Out

Don’t get burned out! This book will share with you how to have peace among this chaos called life. It will show you how to take time to adjust, realign and move on. Maggie leads you on a journey, teaches you how to apply your SPF 15 and keep on keepin’ on. Your day-to-day will never be the same and you will find out how to “Just Be You”. Sit back, find a quiet place and enjoy this life changing experience as you read Life’s a Beach.