Martin Berman-Gorvine - Author - The Palette & The Page

Martin Berman-Gorvine is the author of seven science fiction novels, many with an alternate history theme, including the Sidewise Award-winning The Severed Wing (as Martin Gidron) (Livingston Press, 2002); 36 (Livingston Press, 2012); Seven Against Mars (Wildside Press, 2013); Save the Dragons! (Wildside Press, 2013), which was a finalist for the Prometheus Award; Ziona: A Novel of Alternate History (as Marty Armon), an expansion of the short story “Palestina,” published in Interzone magazine, May/June 2006 (Amazon/CreateSpace, 2014); Heroes of Earth (WildsidePress, 2015); and Monsters of Venus (Wildside Press, 2017).

He is also the author of the four-book “Days of Ascension” horror novel series: All Souls Day (2016), Day of Vengeance (2017), Day of Atonement (2018), and the forthcoming Judgment Day (spring 2019), all published by Silver Leaf Books.