Megan Collins is an artist based in Fair Hill, Maryland. Creating has been a lifetime pursuit, beginning with art classes in school and coached by her grandfather, professional artist Walter Lauf. She went on to major in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Interiors and Fashion Merchandising at Liberty University. Since then, she has both worked and played at creating pleasing vignettes at gift shops and for friends. While she enjoys many mediums including sketching, watercolor and collage, her recent focus has been photography while she raises and home schools her two rambunctious boys and does bookkeeping for her husband’s business. She restores herself by taking long hikes where she enjoys the natural beauty around her. 

Severely nearsighted most of her life, Megan learned to examine ordinary objects more closely, often discovering and capturing a world within a world. This practice inspired her current collection, entitled Nearsighted, where she shares her perspective of the close-up outdoor world through the seasons.