Regina Moolenschot inherited her designer genes from her talented mother and father.  She was raised during the 70‘s by Dutch parents in a make-it-yourself home.  Regina learned if you wanted something you made it. This foundation in her life ultimately resulted in her exceptional wearable art with a European heritage and contemporary design sensibility.

Collaborating with her late father, master blacksmith Alphonsus Moolenschot, to design jewelry for their sought after hand forged jewelry collection, Regina now expands on the original designs they once created together.  “My father always gave me the freedom to design, as I did him.”  Today Regina expresses her creativity through her natural design ability in making unique contemporary wearable art with elements such as semi precious stones, sterling silver, gold-filled, leather and feather, inclusive of her father’s original hand forged art.

“The simple pleasures of life move me; nature, animals, human compassion.  Wrapped in all that I see, vibrant colors, soothing textures and beautiful forms.  When given a medium to mold my creative spirit comes to life.  My jewelry is the legacy I want to leave behind.” says Regina. Regina’s mission is to create wearable art (with the hope) that you, too, will feel the creative energy and passion that went into the making.


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