Robin Burrucker - The Palette & The Page

Robin Burrucker has been an artist since she was big enough to hold a crayon. Having grown up along the shores of the Chesapeake among a family that loved nature and the outdoors, it was natural that her artwork followed in those footsteps. As well as painting, Robin enjoys graphite pencil drawing and photography. Her subjects are always those that walk, swim, crawl or fly. She loves nature and tries to capture the spirit of each animal she draws or paints. Many of Robin’s renderings reflect some moment experienced that has given her great joy.

Her newest endeavor is painting on feathers. If anyone had told her she would be spending her springtime dissecting turkey tails and wings, they would have gotten “that look”. But here she is painting on feathers, her own small contribution to recycling. And what better way to portray nature than on a piece of nature itself.

Robin handles each feather from beginning to end, procuring, cleaning and repairing it. They are remarkably fragile, but amazingly resilient. Each feather is used regardless of nicks or flaws. She finds perfection in the imperfect. For Robin, they are more interesting and alive with those little “flaws”.


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