Sharon Brubaker grew up in central Pennsylvania, surrounded by the beautiful Appalachian mountains.  Writng has been a lifelong passion for Sharon since childhood.  The inspiration for the Green Man series began as a prose assignment in high school.  Fascinated by the Green Man, this early inspiration turned into a book series.  Sharon has also written a steamy, paranormal romance “Between Earth and Sea” about a Selkie.  Forthcoming will be additional books in the Green Man Series, a historical novel about sea glass, and more.  For Sharon, writing is like breathing. She says she has more stories in her head to write down than she has lifetimes to live.  

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Memories of the Sea: A Brief Selkie Tale

Kelsi Muir Dunaway is a woman caught between two worlds. As a seal, as a selkie, and as a wife and mother to a man she loves, Kelsi has always been on the threshold between Earth and Sea. Although she made a choice of living on land and living with her love, Ian, Kelsi still yearns for the ocean that’s the very essence of her being.  This brief tale shares those memories of the sea.

Between Earth and Sea: A Selkie Tale

Kelsi Muir is a beautiful, young Selki avoiding the mating call of the male seals around her. She knows it’s her time to mate. Kelsi knows it’s her duty. To escape, she swims far, far away in the deep, blue waters of the Atlantic.  But, she is not alone. ​She’s a beautiful Selki. He’s a hot, young carpenter. How can earth and sea come together in this steamy romance? Read all about it in Between Earth and Sea.

The Blossoming (Volume 3 of  The Green Man Series)

“The Blossoming” is the third book in The Green Man Series. Set in the upper reaches of the Chesapeake Bay, Sylvia Ash continues her romance with the handsome scientist, Owen Anderson. A murder in their neighborhood rocks their world. Danger lurks in their peaceful surroundings of Bayside and on their first sailing adventure. Can the Green Man save Sylvia this time?

The Leafing (Volume 2 of  The Green Man Series)

After solving a grisly local murder the previous year, Sylvia thought her life had settled into a happy and predictable routine. Instead, changes occurred that caused her to doubt everything: her job, her relationships, and her entire existence. Finding her neighbor’s body on her beach along with subsequent attacks on other women in her community made her wonder – would she be next? Could the Green Man help her find her answers?

The Greening (Volume 1 of  The Green Man Series)

It wasn’t just the surreal great, green, angel figure of the Green Man appearing to her, Sylvia Ash had a lot more excitement to infiltrate her quiet life when she inherited her grandmother’s house at the head of the Chesapeake Bay. She certainly didn’t expect to start falling in love with the handsome scientist, Owen Anderson. Mayhem follows when Sylvia finds the murdered body of a colleague. Even worse, Owen is indicted for the murder and she cannot decide whether or not to trust him or her instincts. With the Green Man as a guide, Sylvia’s talent for seeing auras awakens. With the Green Man’s guidance, Sylvia helps resolve the murder and an ecological mystery. The Greening is the first in a trilogy of romantic suspense novels with a touch of magic.

Marian’s Oakwood Manor Recipes

Marian Duir, a fun and somewhat eccentric character in the Green Man Series and I have the same cooking philosophy — cook with abandon and until it ‘looks right.’ I seldom measure unless I’m baking or the recipe truly needs to be precise. Inside this cookbook are recipes of some of the foods mentioned throughout book one of the series, The Greening. These are the favorite recipes of Marian and my family. Enjoy!