Susan O'Hanlon - The Palette & The Page

I am a full-time Studio Potter from Downingtown, PA, and my mission is to create pots purposefully designed to make your everyday moments beautiful. Traditionally a wheel thrower, I have fired my work in wood, salt, soda, oxidation, alternative and raku kilns.

Pots are magical! A pot’s essence simultaneously envelops the energy of the earth, the maker, the fire and the many potters who have come before. In making ceramic art, I cultivate my connection to all of these energetic forces and am made whole. My new work in colored porcelain deepens that energetic connection by drawing inspiration from nature.

I relish the seemingly limitless possibilities clay offers an artist for exploration, self-expression and purposeful design, bridging a gap between aesthetics and functionality not inherent in traditional art media. Several of my best-selling functional designs – my ceramic slow feeder pet bowl, my countertop compost bin, my noodle bowl and my jewelry bowl – grace the homes and enrich the daily lived experiences of thousands of customers on several continents.

During COVID, I began working with colored porcelain to create functional ware, home décor items, ceramic beads and wire wrapped jewelry inspired by the natural world. Finding inspiration in nature for this new work soothed my soul, while the complex processes involved in constructing functional work with colored porcelain challenged me technically and offered me the gift of renewal in my craft as the pandemic disrupted our lives and livelihoods.

I am embracing these steps along the path of colored clay exploration and discovery with my typical passion, joy and creative abandon. I have so many ideas to try, and am eager to share my successes and failures with the world as my work progresses! I hope you’ll share in this next chapter of my creative journey by subscribing to my website blog and YouTube channel, and by following me on social media @SusanOHanlonPottery.

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