Walter G. Deecki, Sr is dedicated to writing inspirational stories that reach all ages. His careers include retirement from the United States Air Force in 1992 after serving 20 years and retirement from the Boy Scouts of America in 2009 after a ten year professional career. He and his wife Debbie then opened a small family restaurant until forced to medically retire for the third time in 2010. After retiring from the Air Force, he continued his education at Colorado Christian University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, and courses in Elementary Education. Angels on High and Angels on High (The Challenge) were just joined by his third book titled Little Spirit.

Angels on High

Angels on high is a story filled with sadness, joy and suspense. It teaches the concept of not growing weary when tragedy strikes; doing good things will come back to the doer. From the tidings of goodwill at Christmas to everyday life, the story will warm the reader’s heart as a friendship develops between young Jimmie and Mr. Pulaski (Mr. P.). The book is timely, filled with scriptures, and it has the wholesomeness of good reading for today. This story is filled with mystery as God’s angelic messengers guide the characters through life-changing experiences. Love binds their hearts as God’s love binds their souls.

Angels on High: The Challenge

Jimmie is happy with his quiet life in a small town. He has a loving wife, a close knit group of friends and a satisfying job at a community center for lost children. But the crux of his satisfying existence is deeply threatened when developers come to town wanting to buy up all the property in sight. Faced with the challenge of fighting the large corporation and their threatening business ethics, Jimmie realizes that this is not just a fight for his town, but a true confrontation between the forces of good and evil.

Little Spirit

A young woman, abandoned, scared, and alone is faced with decisions and choices that will change her life no matter what she decides.  She is faced with the decision to go against the Christian values taught her by her strict father and deceased mother or to follow the ways of the worldly influences.  This story reminds us of a happy smile, the sound of a child’s laughter, tiny fingers holding on tight, wide eyes radiantly filled with excitement.  This book is a reminder of how precious a young child’s life is and the challenges of being a parent.  It also reminds us of what can be accomplished with God’s help and what can happen when he sends his angels.