From an early age, textiles have always been an important part of Susan Claire Balascios life.  Learning to weave six years ago has opened up a whole new world for her and added another dimension to her textile passion. The infinite combinations of threading, treadling, color and texture challenge Sue in ways she never thought possible. Weaving provides a unique venue to explore not only traditional craft, but to push the boundaries of craft into art.  

Her weaving process is labor-intensive and precise, involving hundreds of individual strands of yarn or thread. And yet, the end result is a unified piece evoking the idea of an ethereal landscape. Hue, texture and intensity combine to create the illusion of depth and atmosphere. Yarn for the weft (horizontal threads) is selected with both intuition and intention often surprising Sue with its ability to transform the hand-painted warp yarns (vertical threads) into something totally new and exciting. She will often weave several yards of fabric and then allow the landscapes’ to identify themselves within the yardage. It is the thrill of watching such randomness blossom amidst the centuries old process of weaving that fills her with joy.  

Trained as a painter, Sue has also explored of a wide variety of media. In addition to the current focus on weaving and fiber arts.  She has also worked in jewelry design, colored pencil and pastel drawing, painting, stained glass, collage and ceramics. 

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