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Hangdog – Local Author – Christopher Malone




Hangdog centers around a young man named Jimi. He’s an aimless twenty-something going through the motions of his early adult life, contenting himself with a blue collar job that allows him enough money to pay the rent and occasionally go out to the bars. With this night life, he looks for potential one-night stands, knowing he’ll sabotage things the morning after with them so that he can reject them and move on, single and guiltless. Indeed, he’s done this often enough to develop a reputation amongst some people for being a womanizer. When he meets a motivated young woman named Stefania Rosa, however, he’s inspired to rethink his stance on relationships, but finds it’s going to be a difficult process when that reputation comes up to complicate things in an unexpected way. If Jimi is going to hold on to the hope of a relationship with Stefania, he’ll need to figure out how to become a better man, and quickly.

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