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Pulaski’s Arrival – Local Author – Robert Lackey


Sonja is haunted by nightmares of her past deeds coming to light, and driven to make amends to the dead. Ben stubbornly holds to his course, refusing to admit his needs and recognizing powers beyond his own hands. Together they face a profound loss within the family while struggling to stay alive in the grips of the greatest flood ever to strike Havre de Grace.



1825. The country was new and the sleepy Maryland town of Havre de Grace, sitting at the top of the Chesapeake Bay with its feet dangling in the bountiful waters, was on the verge of a rebirth. Languishing after the British destruction in 1813, growing shipping and new opportunities brought a bright future. Newcomers energized the town in search of fortunes and daring undertakings. Young and eager, Ben and Sonja Pulaski joined the excitement and forever connected their hopes, dreams and nightmares to their new home, willing to risk everything, even themselves. 

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