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Reguarding Grace – Local Author – Karen Leppert




He’s loved her since she was born. 

She’s known him her entire life. 

But yet, they’ve never met. 

 Jack Elliott is a host to three alters that possess superhuman powers. As a Guardian, he integrates other hosts with their alters. Visions of his next assignment mesmerize and taunt him in ways no other has before. And when they finally meet, he realizes he may be her Guardian, but she holds his heart. 

Growing up in the foster care system, Grace Evans is no stranger to adversity. But unexplained blackouts, lapses in time, and now a new, mysterious transfer student has her on edge. There is more to Jack than meets the eye. Something is drawing her to him while something else is destroying her from within. 

Determined to protect her, Jack must fight what he is, what he needs, and what he wants. Will guarding Grace be worth it? 

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