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Spires of Arenthyl – Local Author – Ryan Gebhart



Part 5 of the Jewel of Life 

Their pilgrimage drawing to an end, the Luminari Elves stand on the edge of the kingdom they lost to the Shroud fourteen hundred years ago. Devlyn now faces a harrowing choice-will he keep his oath to his people and drive back the Shroud or will he let a loved one perish? Whatever he decides, he needs the support of the Luminari Aryls if he hopes to ever lead them into Krysenthiel. 

Northern Eklean is stabilizing under Thellion’s banners, but Alex’s decision to ride to Everin’s defense will have immediate consequences. The Ei’ana roil with internal strife and failed escapes while Velaria is left behind at Gwilnor under Tenebrae oppression as the sole Chair loyal to Septyl. The remaining Ei’ana, students, and knights are depending on her strength and resolve as they decide whether to align with a unified Septyl or the Tenebrae. Jaerol too must decide whether to remain with the escaped Ei’ana or return to the castle to rescue the people left behind. 

With the World-in-Between growing more treacherous every passing day, the druids insist that Devlyn can no longer avoid the Dream. The Evil One exerts his influence over that place and a window is closing. If Devlyn doesn’t act, he might never destroy the Shroud. But Devlyn must learn that he is not alone in the struggle against the forces of evil. The Luminari Elves and races of every kingdom and continent, known or unknown, are prepared to support him. Most importantly, he has Ellendren and as the Lorenthien Aryl, they are united to protect and lead their people. 

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