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By Frank E. Hopkins


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The Counterfeit Drug Murders – A Hoffman and OHare Mystery 


The premature heart failure of the matriarch, Mary, tore the Jewel family apart. Marys children and her cardiologist did not accept that Mary had died a natural death in Duck, North Carolina. Brian, Marys son, clinically depressed by his mothers death, recruited detectives Hoffman and OHare to discover who murdered Mary. A decade earlier, an immoral physician had enslaved her daughter, Eve, into opioid addiction – Marys death awoke a long simmering hatred.  


Eve independently imposed her retribution on the pharmaceutical industry risking life in prison. Eves revenge involved cyber techniques to identify, locate, and track her victims. Eve mentally struggles with being caught and losing her lover or continuing her self-justified revenge. 


The detectives discover Marys killer might have participated in other murders related to counterfeit drugs. They pursue the serial killer as he and his lover flee the police. The interstate search for the murderer leads to a fatal car chase through steep and dangerous mountain roads. Who will survive? 


The Counterfeit Drug Murders is the third novel in the Hoffman and OHare Mystery Series. Readers of this pharmaceutical thriller/mystery have stated: it is riveting, could not put the book down, very timely story … in the midst of the opioid crisis, and easy to read. 


Frank E Hopkins writes realistic crime novels and short stories portraying social and political issues. He has published four novels: The Billion Dollar Embezzlement Murders, Abandoned Homes: Vietnam Revenge Murders which won first place in the mystery/thriller category in the Maryland Writers Association 2018 novel contest, The Opportunity, and Unplanned Choices. Frank’s collection of short stories, First Time, was awarded second place for a single author collection in the Delaware Press Associations 2017 Communication contest.

He has lived in Delaware since 2001, after residing in the Washington, DC area for most of his life. He spent his formative years in the New York City area until he graduated from Hofstra University. The three locations provide settings for his novels and short stories. He is active in the Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild, the Delaware Press Association, the Eastern Shore Writers Association, the Maryland Writers Association, and the Mystery Writers of America.

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