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What the Hell? Soldier Buddies 4 Life – Local Author – Kevin Barnett




Billy Smalls wanted to get out and explore the world. So, he joined the Army. He had no idea what awaited him when he arrived—drills, marching, in-your-face yelling by Drill Sergeants determined to turn him into a Soldier. Once the yelling stopped and basic training thankfully ended, Billy and his platoon were ready for whatever the Army threw at them. 


But this isn’t a story about deployment or combat or duties as a soldier. 


This story is a wild ride with the fictional Billy Smalls through his off-duty life. Alcohol, women, and crazy fun marked years of real-life events as a Soldier. He entered the Army as a boy and walked away a man with a new lease on life. Even with the uniform folded away, he took with him memories of brotherhood and one-of-a-kind what the hell?” experiences. 


This book has mature subject matter and is not intended for children under 18. 

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