Workshop – Calligraphy Hang Out – Working on Different Papers with Patti Paulus


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Thursday, April 20 2023 – 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm  

Calligraphy Hang Out – Working on Different Papers 

with Patti Paulus, Calligrapher 

This is an opportunity to come together around the art of calligraphy.  Bring your projects, your practice sheets, layout ideas & creative fun.  Or feel free to just come and practice lettering for two hours!  Patti will be available for help with letter formation, helpful tips & guidance to help in your calligraphic exploration during the two-hour time frame.  She will plan to spend 10-15 minutes with each person.  A variety of supplies will be available for you to try/use for a small additional fee of $5.  Items available for the supply fee will be additional papers, paste paper offcuts to use in projects, templates, light boards, colored pencils and more.  A T-square and lettering guide will be available for lining your paper, plus Patti’s instruction in how to use them.  This opportunity gives you access to tools and supplies to use and try before purchasing your own. 


Actively working as a lettering artist since 1982, Patti practices calligraphy as an art-form and uses hand-rendered letterforms in her graphic design work.  She also paints, draws, is a bookmaker, and her love of charcoal opens up fresh avenues of expression for her. 


Level: For students who have taken at least one calligraphy class or have calligraphy experience 

Cost:  $15 (additional papers & supplies available for $5) 




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